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2005 Symposium: The Evolution of Risk and Reward Sharing in Retirement
April 25-26, 2005

About the Conference

Retirement systems unavoidably balance a variety of economic and political risks, including capital market and mortality shocks, firm bankruptcy risks, funding changes, and policy shifts. These are in turn reapportioned among various stakeholders. This conference will analyze how recent changes in risk and reward patterns are being shared among the parties to private and public retirement systems. Our goal is to assess how these risk sharing arrangements are evolving and should continue to change in the future.

The 2005 Symposium was a Wharton Impact Conference sponsored by the Wharton School's Pension Research Council and Boettner Center for Pensions and Retirement Research.

Co-organized by David Blitzstein, Olivia S. Mitchell and Steve Utkus.

Conference Agenda

APRIL 25, 2005

Session I: Plan Sponsor Perspectives on Plan Risks and Rewards Session II: Controlling Plan Sponsor Risks and Rewards Session III: Employee Perspectives Regarding Risk and Reward Session IV: Strategies for Containing Retirement Risk APRIL 26, 2005

Session V: Pension Risks and Rewards: Public Sector Perspectives

Session VI: Roundtable Closing Remarks: Olivia Mitchell