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2009 Symposium: Reorienting Retirement Risk Management
April 30-May 1, 2009

About the Conference

This event provoked an energetic discussion between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on ways to restructure pension accumulation and decumulation plans, so that they can incorporate the best elements central to the old defined benefit model while taking advantage of the best of the defined contribution world. These include the opportunity for mobile workers to have portable plans, for participants to access sophisticated money managers instead of relying on investment impulses, and for retirees to protect against longevity risk. These issues are of particular importance in the context of the global financial meltdown, where new pension models are much on the minds of policymakers.

This conference was co-hosted by Robert L. Clark and Olivia S. Mitchell at The Wharton School.

Conference Agenda

Thursday April 30, 2009

Session I: Revisiting Retirement Saving and Dissaving Advice

Session II: Challenges For Plan Design

Friday May 1, 2009

Session III: Innovations in Retirement Risk Financing

Session IV: Roundtable Innovations in Retirement Risk Financing

Chair: Robert L. Clark, North Carolina State University; David S. Blitzstein, UFCW International Union; David Wray, Profit Sharing/401k Council of America; Lori Lucas, Callan Associates

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